Vassa in latin origins means 'vessel.'Our bodies being our vessel, our conduit for our thoughts, our breath, our  movements and our souls.  The better our bodies feel, the better we feel. When we take care in our bodies, our vessel, we improve our entire well being. We are stronger and faster. Our thoughts are sharper, our emotions are in balance and we exist as a happier species.

We hold respect those who devote their entire lives to becoming masters of a trade. Spending hours everyday mastering one discipline, stacking up weeks, months, years in that focus. But those who value wellness accrue similar time spent on their health. How many runs, lifts, crunches have we done over the course of our lives? What if we thought of refining our bodies the same way a craftsman refines their craft? A pursuit of efficiency and the acceptance that the result of our work is only as good as the effort and discipline we put into it. 



September 02, 2020 — Kevin Dorey