Transcending the boundary of  traditional sports apparel, VASSA is a design-driven lifestyle brand inspired by innovation, performance and individuality. Appealing to those who express themselves through movement and their personal style. VASSA unites a group of like-minded individuals from a variety of subcultures, a collaboration of sorts in bold and active pursuits.
Our intention is to unite culture, nature and wellness in an authentic way. We are inspired by the athletes, artists, and industrious individuals forging a unique path while honoring the people and environment around them. Emerging from Central California's coast, the brand reflects the essence of the golden state and the vibrant personalities of those who call it home. 
VASSA was established to promote movement. Our mission is to inspire and support those in the community who lead, take chances, unite, and collaborate. We are building the brand for today, while thinking about tomorrow and our lasting impact.
Everything we do will be infused with integrity, family and our community in mind. We look forward to creating inspired fitness apparel for your active pursuits. 

Thanks for checking us out,

Kevin Dorey  - Founder // Brand Director