Vio Bag


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By Vassa

Preserve your apparel and save our planet all in one purchase! This product is hands down the best thing we make.

The short:

With every wash, garments breakdown, and shed fibers traveling to our rivers, oceans, and farm soil. This bag extends the lifespan of your clothing in the wash while capturing micro-fibers breaking from the garment.

The long:

Nearly all athletic apparel contains synthetic fabrics (polyester, nylon, spandex). Primarily due to the technical advantages these fabrics possess. Think durability, stretch, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, etc. Synthetic fabrics have a big dirty secret! They create a harmful by-product of micro-plastics.
Every time a garment is washed, fibers break down, and some of that breakage sheds into the water. These fibers are so small that they pass right through your washing machines filter, and into our sewers, rivers, oceans, and water treatment facilities. Natural fabrics like cotton and wool also experience this breakage and shed; however, their by-product is not concerning. When synthetic materials shed fibers, it is a micro-plastic that does not bio-degrade.

These micro-fibers are appearing everywhere. They are polluting oceans, rivers, and our agricultural fields, directly impacting our food and the well being of our Wildlands.

For years, our wash bag has been a dream of mine, as an ocean lover and avid outdoorsman. Performance fabrics are incredible, and Vassa (and other apparel manufacturers) will continue to work with them because of the qualities they possess. Still, we must be mindful of limiting the harmful by-products of these goods. The use of this wash bag will limit breakage and piling caused by washing while capturing nearly all fibers shed.

With each wash, the accumulation of micro-plastics is relatively small, however over time, and at scale, this product has a global impact.

So like I said...this is the best thing we make. I hope you will try it, protect your clothes and protect this earth.