Suspension Trainer

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To celebrate our launch, we are offering a free Suspension Trainer to anyone who orders over $150 worth of goods. This is a $60 value, and the top Suspension brand sells for for $150 alone. The olive color is badass and the quality is top of the line. 

Gyms are closed, but we want to make sure you can still get a great workout in. This tool is awesome. You can perform grueling full body workouts at home, the park, the beach or anywhere you can hang it. 

Supplies are limited and offer ends 1/24

If your order total is $150+ we'll send it out separate from your order by mid to late February. 

Hurry and add to that order total. 

Note ~ Returns for this promotion are not accepted. Basically, you can't order items, get the trainer and then return items. Exchanges for equal value and store credit will be honored if order items are not desired.